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Explore a variety of career options in the games industry, covering a wide range of skills.

Game design and development is a hugely attractive career for kids today. Our program is a great first step for kids to be introduced to the many different aspects of game development, beyond just coding. They are introduced to coding, design, production, art, music and even business aspects of the industry. 


Programming concepts - SCRATCH

Kids will develop a working understanding of how to use the SCRATCH coding platform, learning coding concepts in the school curriculum; such as
variables, loops and if-then-else conditions. They will will learn to create real-world connections between coding concepts and popular games, while understanding how certain game features are coded. By the end of the programme, kids will create simple SCRATCH games using coding concepts taught in class. 


Collaborate and debate: value-based decision making and ethical dilemmas

Under the guidance of our game designers and learning experts, students create their own stories and choices for their games, all while debating complex, ethical dilemmas grounded in relatable, every-day situations. This develops keen insights into life skills like thoughtful decision making and exposure to important character traits like  empathy, responsibility, leadership, courage, pragmatism and more.


Develop and actually release your own games, with the students' and school's name in the credits

Within a few weeks of the workshop, the game is brought to life by our development team, and released globally in the Fairside Stories app! Students’ names and the school logo appear in the credits - for the world to see! When the game launches, the students attend an exclusive launch party with our team to celebrate!

A one-of-a-kind digital literacy program for 9-14 year olds, using coding and game design to teach creative and social-emotional skills

We work with schools and educational institutions to deliver custom, interdisciplinary game development workshops. Building on digital literacy skills taught in class, students learn how games are made by actually building games of their own! Simultaneously, students develop critical life skills, like ethical decision making, responsibility and empathy - all while exploring and debating the themes and values in our app, Fairside Stories. 

Students collaborate with our team of professional, world-class game designers and learning experts to create their own game. The end products are polished, commercial-quality games that are released globally via the Fairside Stories app. Their names appear in the credits (with the school logo, too!), and the game is available for the whole world to play and enjoy. In stark contrast to information-driven education, designing and playing thought-provoking story-based games allows kids to experiment with decision making in a safe space while acquiring a variety of game design, creative and social-emotional skills in the process.

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Completely customizable to your school's needs

The program can run anywhere between 1-12 weeks, and can be custom designed to meet your institution's schedules and desired outcomes. This includes building cross-curricular connections with your humanities/social studies, English and science learning outcomes.

The mode of delivery includes a mix of in-person sessions, online sessions and hybrid sessions, depending on what works best for your institution.

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Game Design

  • Game design and coding basics

  • Prototyping

  • Game aesthetics - art & sound

  • Game production 

  • Working in a team

Creative Skills

  • Collaborative brainstorming

  • Design thinking

  • Idea generation

Social & Emotional Skills

  • Empathy

  • Ethical decision-making

  • Self-awareness


The digital leaders at Repton Al-Barsha designed a game called Detention Disaster - which is about staying out of detention while choosing between telling the truth or trying to trick your way our of trouble. The answer is not always obvious!

Download Fairside Stories and try the game for yourself!


The students of Emirates International School designed a game set in the lost continent of Atlantis, where players need to use their wits to prevent a war between the king and a horrific monster. Atlantean Odyssey is an adventure that explores truth, courage and diplomacy.

Download Fairside Stories and try the game for yourself!

quest logo.jfif

The kids at The Learning Community at Quest created Lost Larry -  a supernatural adventure where the teacher Mr. Larry disappears into a mysterious portal! The story explores ideas of kindness, pragmatism, responsibility and perspective.

Download Fairside Stories and try the game for yourself!

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