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Can your kids build critical life skills by making and playing video games?

Yes, they can. And it’s amazing fun, too!

With AI already rendering information-driven education obsolete, the focus is shifting to the teaching of creative, social-emotional and physical skills. Fairside Stories addresses this growing need to impart skills that stay relevant and stand the test of time; skills like ethical decision-making, developing human-centered values, collaboration, critical thinking and more. While working with professional game designers to make and release their own games, kids explore themes like friendship, loyalty, integrity, kindness, responsibility and empathy through the stories of the games they build.

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Download Fairside Stories and see the games other kids have made!  Keep puppies alive in space, search for buried treasure, stay out of detention, or throw the perfect birthday party!


Your kids design the games - working with expert game designers and educators

Kids work with us as co-designers, helping us build content that is both fun and emotionally resonant with the target age group. They love seeing their games on the app, with their names in the credits.


By bringing together game designers, learning designers, kids, parents, educators and SEL experts, we’ve created playful and powerful learning experiences that kids enjoy and parents and educators value. 

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Co-Design with professionals

Kids work as co-designers on games for Fairside Stories - working closely with our team of game designers, learning designers and educators to build content. Their games are published on the live game, with their names in the credits (which they absolutely love telling their friends about). 


Learn critical skills while making (and playing) games

The process of designing content for Fairside Stories involves debating the decision-making framework with other kids on the team, as well as adult educators. It's a profound learning experience which has kids learning about and actually using the values from the game even as they create content for it.


Play your own games - and tell everyone else

It's a powerful experience for kids when they play a professionally developed game that they helped design.  And for a wider audience of kids, it's still a blast to play games designed by people their own age! Parents and educators couldn't be prouder when they see the result of their children's work.

The Fairside Stories App -  games with challenging decisions and consequences

Fairside Stories is a collection of story-based role-playing games for kids where they make tough choices, observe the outcomes of their decisions and learn about their values. Your kids will discover more about themselves as they play. Do they tend to always do the right thing no matter the cost? Do they bend the rules a little to help other people? Do they choose to do impractical things to help people feel better?


A selection of new games every month, for controlled, healthy screen time

We design for healthy screen time. Your kids get a finite selection of games every month, with multiple endings to explore based on the choices they make. No addictive game mechanics, no meaningless coins or gems. Your kids play for the fun and learning, not for the in-game rewards.


Carefully curated, thoughtfully designed

Each game is carefully designed and crafted by learning designers and game designers to provide a fun, thought-provoking, and memorable play experience. We believe in creating powerful, play-based experiences that lead to lifelong, profound learning.


Meaningful conversations with your kids every week

Fairside Stories helps you connect with your kids - go over their gameplay decisions together and discuss the choices they made, gain powerful (and often hilarious) insights into their ideas of what it means to be kind, noble, sensible or crafty (kids love this one). You can even play together once in a while.


Themes that resonate with kids

As your kids play the games in which they organize sleepovers, run for class president, control pandemics, or win soccer games, they explore ideas of friendships, cooperation, fitting in, bullying, animal rights, truthfulness and more


"It's an intellectual game. It makes you think"
- Sahana, age 10

"I can see it being used in so many scenarios and to teach concepts such as diversity, accessibility and inclusion"
- Sean, parent of 9 year old

" I like the Birthday Party episode the most. But can we have an episode about bullying?"
- Arav, age 12

"My son loves it. He keeps asking me for my phone so he can play it over and over asking me for my phone so he can play it over and over"
- Shazia, parent of 8 year old

" The concept is engaging and interesting to kids​​. The application also provides the illusion that the students are playing a game, but yet learning how to make decisions and receiving reinforcement and/or feedback based on their Choices”​
 - Dr. Christie Vincelli, Educator, New York

" This has the children constantly thinking about right and wrong, what is the noble thing to do and what could be the crafty (wrong/naughty) thing, which might be the more fun option, but could result in getting into trouble or not being the best choice in the long run"
- Mr. Aidan Godwin, Head of Digital Literacy, Repton Al-Barsha, Dubai

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