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Be a part of an exclusive group of kids, learning critical life skills

The program involves design exercises and engaging discussions around ideas of empathy, kindness, responsibility, ethics, integrity, and thoughtful decision making. The sessions are led by learning designers with years of experience engaging kids in learning activities.


Learn how video games are made - beyond just coding

Your kids get to work with world-class game designers to co-design their own games within Fairside Stories - getting a sneak peek into how their favorite games are made. They'll get exposure to various aspects of game development - including design, programming, art, production and music. Who knows? This may spark their desire to pick up game design as a career!


Make new friends

At Squad workshops, your kids will get to meet and engage with other thoughtful, enthusiastic and all-round cool kids just like themselves. The Fairside Squad is a welcoming and inclusive space - everyone is as awesome as you are.

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The world’s first  video game based program for developing life skills

The Fairside Squad is a wholly unique participatory learning program, where kids (ages 9-14) develop a range of social-emotional and life skills like empathy, integrity, responsibility and value-based decision making, by co-designing, playing and discussing our game, Fairside Stories. Unlike information-driven education, Fairside Stories offers an engaging and unforgettable learning experience for kids. This leads to better, tangible learning outcomes and increased motivation to continue learning.

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What kind of activities will my kids get to experience?

Squad activities take anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours a month - we keep things flexible so that it's easy for your kids to fit The Fairside Squad into their schedules. Of course, all activities are optional, your kids can sign up for as many or as few as theywant.


Workshops on:


Game Design

Art & Storyboarding

The Art of Giving Feedback


Social-Emotional Learning Sessions:

Fairside Stories play-alongs + Guided discussions

Co-design sessions



Structured sessions where your kids get to be the experts and give us feedback on everything from art, writing, characters, upcoming storylines and more! 


Workshops are conducted online at least once per month (which means you should get plenty of notice). Playtesting will be more regular (we'll let you know at least a week before). You can join as many, or as few sessions as you like. 

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The Fairside Squad gives your kids a one-of-a-kind play and learning experience you won't find anywhere else. And it's completely free, so sign up today and see for yourself.

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